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The 16 Companies Creating the Future of Travel

Our database tracks over 300 travel-related private companies, most of which are bookings engines, search engines, daily deals, and airbnb copycats. These battles have been fought and the winners largely decided. Instead of our usual long list, we chose instead to prune travel down to only the most exciting and interesting new companies. Most of these companies are using either social media or mobile applications to undermine the incumbents and create new, unique customer value propositions. These are the Travel companies to watch.
Our Favorite: Inspirato
From over 300 private travel-related companies, we pick the top 16 most exciting and interesting ones. These are the travel companies to watch.

Top 16 Travel Companies to Watch

Rank Company Momentum Index Total Reported Fundraising Our Take Cheer for
a Company
1 95.0 +3.4 $120M Airbnb has booked more than 10,000,000 rooms and 200,000 listings. Cheer about Airbnb on Twitter
2 80.0 +26.5 $53.5M FAVORITE
Inspirato has 2000 members paying $15,000 to access their upscale vacation rentals.
Cheer about Inspirato on Twitter
3 60.5  new $32M More than 20 billion reward points are redeemed through the Switchfly platform annually. Cheer about Switchfly on Twitter


  • A_bose

    Where is which was on 10th position sometime back.

    • Momentum Index

      Fashion & You has been categorized as a Nextgen eCommerce company and was ranked in the eCommerce release in July.   This release covers only Travel companies and does not include general eCommerce companies unless they are travel focused.

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