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84 Open Source Companies Ranked By Momentum Index

The last two quarters have been full of progress for many open source software companies. Acquia continues to impress and SugarCRM seems to have regained momentum that was not apparent in our last analysis. The biggest improvement probably goes to Appcelerator, which raised a new round and shows some serious progress on core metrics. From a trend perspective, the companies growing the fastest tend to be exposed to the Cloud movement in some way.
Adoption of Cloud Technologies
Drives Open Source Growth
Favorite Start-up: Flat World Knowledge
Start-ups we Like: Basho Technologies, Couchbase,
Nodejitsu, VoltDb

Momentum Index Top 20 List

Here we list our top 20 Open Source Companies ranked by Momentum Index. Many companies show significant acceleration and the top 20 has changed a lot since early 2011.

Rank Company Momentum Index Total Reported Fundraising Our Take Cheer for
a Company
1 90.0 new


Along with millions of Drupal downloads, Acquia has grown to over 1500 enterprise customers.

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2 88.4 -1.1


Talend is a global provider of open source solutions for data management. Their leverage and extend model is dominating in the data management and integration market.

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3 77.8 +3.9


Since last measurement, Jaspersoft raised new funding and now has nearly 14 million product downloads worldwide, more than 175,000 production deployments and 14,000 commercial customers in 100 countries.

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